DOUCES ANGEVINES: Alchemy in the garden of beauty

Art. 27 is delighted to introduce to North America, Les Douces Angevines.

Based out of a protected area within the mysterious Angevin region in France, Les Douces Angevines (established 1994) has developed for you, a unique line of precious cosmeto-fluids that naturally boost, protect and regenerate the skin renewal process.

"These 100% organic certified beauty elixirs are a highly refined combination of pure oils, essential oils of woods and resins, and dynamised fresh flower and plant macerations that are handcrafted in small quantities following ancient knowledge and tested recipes." Les Douces Angevines was founded by Michele Cros, Beauty Herbalist Artisan, who studied pharmacognosy of medicinal and aromatic plants and is specialized in ancient and medieval plant practices.

Product highlights:

  • Cosmeto-fluids are 100% pure plant and flower active extracts.
  • Faithful to the method of biodynamic and organic agriculture, the plants used to create each complex formula are allowed to grow freely following their natural seasonal rhythms.
  • Between 20 to 47 different plants and flowers are hand picked and synergisticaly blended, without water, to create these intense beauty elixirs.
  • Precision of craft, exclusively carried out by hand, and extreme attention to detail during the 7 weeks of creation preserve the unique personality of each plant.
  • Created completely free of any synthetic ingredients and free of any chemical manipulation, relying instead on ancient methods that utilize the fundamental forces and energies provided by the sun and the moon.
  • All macerations use direct sun energy to revitalize Yang and then use moon Yin forces to harmonize and to transform the plants into precious beauty elixirs that preserve all the strength, beauty and vitality of the extractions.
  • Produced in limited quantities--batches never exceed 30 litres.
  • Harmoniously concentrated, just a few drops are enough for an application. The ultra-soft texture melts into the skin and is immediately absorbed by the skin leaving a refined fragrance and giving an irreplaceable feeling of well-being and suppleness.
  • No animal testing on any of the ingredients nor at any stage of manufacturing.


  • All products from the range are safe to use while taking homeopathics.
  • All products from the range are safe to use during the whole term of pregancy.
Currently available in-store and on-line:
  • FANTOMETTE: Ultra-mild cleanser and make-up remover
  • VIRGINALE: Invigorating 4-flower toner
  • AUBE D'ETE: Luminous day care
  • NUIT CALINE: Revitalizing night care
  • LIA (Brillant Youth formula): Divine smoothing care for eyes and lips
  • MAGNIFICA (Brilliant Youth formula): Divine regenerative night care
  • EGLANTINE: For sensitive skin
  • MATIN (For men): Elite after-shave care

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