LES FLEURS DE BACH: Organic healing fragrances - A unique concept from France


Art. 27 is very excited to introduce to Canada, Les Fleurs de Bach by Elixirs & Co.

Based out of Paris (France), Les Fleurs de Bach is a truly unique wellness brand. This innovative range of products is the first to focus exclusively on creating luxurious natural fragrances for women and men, using only the highest quality organic certified essences that are authentic to Dr. Bach's group of 38 healing flowers.

The positive and harmonizing forces captured in these 38 Bach Flower essences have been used for over 70 years by millions of people around the world to counter-balance the negative emotional state associated with everyday life and to improve well-being of mind and body.

Dr. Edward Bach (1886-1936) worked as a House Surgeon before starting his own practice in Hartley Street. In his many years of research in homeopathy and bacteriology, Dr. Bach discovered a group of 38 flowers and plants that had special abilities to heal negative feelings and emotional imbalances. He also designed a method of natural extraction that effectively preserved the active principles of these precious healing flowers.

By expertly combining these natural extracts, Dr. Bach was able to treat specific conditions by improving the body's natural ability to recover from illness and to maintain good health. His Rescue Remedy is a blend of 5 flower essences that restores the inner calm and that has become an international success.

The latest innovation based on the work of Dr. Bach is Les Fleurs de Bach that was created by Elixir & Co., a pioneering company that was the first to combine Bach Flower essences with aromatherapy under the expertise of Gérard Wolf, an international specialist and recognized expert in Bach Flower essences, working in collaboration with Julian Barnard, author and teacher of Bach flowers.

The beautiful and distinctive Les Fleurs de Bach fragrances are expertly blended using certified organic Bach Flower essences to balance emotions and to bring a feeling of well-being through the healing principles of aromatherapy.

This unique company which belongs to the Guilde des Fleurs des Bach is guided by these commitments:

  • Original Method: The extract of essences is in strict accordance to Dr. Bach’s original method. Wild flowers are hand-picked in environments clean of any human or industrial pollution.
  • Natural and Organic: All products contain only certified organic Bach Flower essences and use organic ingredients to the greatest extent possible (e.g., organic Brandy, organic essential oils, and organic alcohol).
  • Innovative Range of Products: Always strive to innovate and bring to the market a full range of beauty and well-being products created from the highest quality of natural and organic ingredients.

Les Fleurs de Bach fragrances:

  • Presence(s) de Bach: A fresh and flowery perfume to help you feel in tune with yourself, with your environment, and with those around you.
  • Vivacité(s) de Bach: A cheerful, woody and spicy perfume that stimulates self-confidence and inner strength, to transform your inner feelings to joy and positivity.
  • Eau d’élixir Harmonie: A mellow fragrance to offer immediate calm and comfort.
  • Eau d’élixir Allégresse: An energizing fragrance that helps recover energy and gain enthusiasm.
  • Eau d’élixir Audace: A warming and spicy fragrance that restores self-confidence.


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