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Luxuriously plush and silky, this herringbone mohair blanket is naturally thermo-regulating to adapt to your own temperature to consistently maintain warmth. Handmade in Ezcaray, Spain

Colour: Mustard-yellow mohair herringbone pattern warped into an ecru wool background  and fringe  

Fabric: 50% Mohair 49% Soft Wool 1% Polyamide

Size: 130x200 cm + fringe

Weight: 400gr/m2

 Internationally certified, MANTAS EZCARAY is absolutely committed to traditional methods, quality and respect for the environment. With over six centuries of master carding, shearing, dying and weaving expertise, Mantas Ezcaray remains today as the only manufacturer left in Spain with the traditional skills and minute attention to detail needed to create these distinctive blankets made from Mohair and wool.

Care Instructions: Dry clean only. Brush with a hard clothes-brush, always in the direction of the nap, to recondition.

 Made in SPAIN

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