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This smokeless incense combines the elegant and delicate scent of lilies with the distinctive note of sandalwood and the subtle warmth of sparkling vanilla.

This incense benefits from micro-encapsulated technology which allows it to emit little to no smoke. These types of incense were created to impart only the most subtle fragrances: ideal for people in delicate health or those who do not like smoke in general and might otherwise be inclined not to use incense.

PRECIOUS JAPANESE INCENSE - The subtlety and nobility of exceptional japanese incense: elegance, luxury and refinement. Transport your interior to 10th century Japan, the golden age of incense at the Imperial Court. This scent is a poetic composition inspired by the 'Tale of Genji', a novel written in this era of artistic flowering and development of olfactory culture.

With deodorizing powers, it contains flavonoids, natural extracts of green tea, which has the ability to neutralize the molecules responsible for bad odours. In 5 minutes, thanks to the action of one stick, 75% of bad odour molecules disappear. The ideal product to perfume and deodorize your house.

PEARL: Box of 40 sticks of 14cm length each. Burning time: approx. 30 min. Includes a porcelain d'art incense holder (print varies)

Made in JAPAN

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