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Experience the refreshing and grounding scent of Hinoki, a Japanese Cypress used in temple building with its light, earthy aroma. Listen to ko-do, the philosophy of incense.

According to legend, Awaji was the first Island of Japan to be created. The spiritual art of incense making has been cultivated in Awaji for generations. The craft of the incense masters, the Koh-shi, is perfected with a lot of care towards precious ingredients and the manufacturing process. This handcrafted charcoal incense from this mystic island purifies your mind and soul and gives space for contemplation.

Using charcoal and essential oils, our incense produces just little smoke and burns around 25 minutes.

Incense comes wrapped in washi paper in a wooden gift box, approx. 50 pcs. per box.

Material: Charcoal, resin, paulownia wood box

Box Size: 16cm x 4cm x 2cm

Made in JAPAN

Note: Holder is not included. Sold separately.

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